What does MPC Advisers expect of their clients?

Open and honest communication is crucial in our business, there will be many occasions where we will need to discuss complex and personal topics to successfully define and refine your financial plan. Your honest, open communication is crucial to the success of this process. We expect that as our client, you will be available for regular review meetings or phone calls to discuss the status of your financial accounts. This level of communication is vital to the realization of your financial goals.

How do I know that my financial information will be kept confidential?

How often should I be meeting with my financial adviser?

It is important that you and your financial adviser review your accounts on a regular basis. However, your adviser will work with you to establish a communication schedule that is appropriate for your type of accounts and your comfort level. It is important to note that the advisers at MPC are always available to service your needs via phone or e-mail, and always welcome the opportunity to meet face to face with our clients.

What is the first step towards starting a relationship with MPC Advisers?

Please contact MPC Advisers to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation meeting. We will sit down with you and look at your current financial picture. Together, we will determine if our services will be of value to you.

How does MPC Advisers get paid?

There is never a charge for an initial consultation. After the initial consultation, the adviser will make a recommendation for a second step. If the next step is to establish an investment portfolio, the cost will either be an annual investment advisery fee for larger porfolios, or a brokerage commission for smaller accounts If your adviser recommends a formal financial plan, the cost will range from $500 to $5,000, depending on complexity. If you choose to use our insurance services for risk management needs, your adviser might also earn a commission. In all cases, your adviser will disclose when a fee or commission is being charged.

Who do I speak with if my adviser is unavailable?

Every MPC adviser is a member of a team comprised of additional advisers, specialists and support staff. In time, you will become familiar with your entire service team. For general service questions or assistance with miscellaneous matters such as beneficiary, address or bank changes, you can contact a member of our support staff team.

What is the relationship between MPC Advisers and Woodbury Financial?

While MPC Advisers is independently owned and operated, its advisers are Registered Representatives of Woodbury Financial, a Registered Broker-Dealer. Woodbury Financial is an independently owned firm led by a team that is committed to their core values of trust, stewardship, integrity, ethics, respect, honesty, loyalty and honor.

Why is it an advantage that MPC Advisers is an independent investment advisery firm?

As independent registered investment advisers, we owe allegiance to no one but our clients. We are free to recommend any investment strategy that suits your objectives, tolerance for risk, tax consideration and other unique needs. Our investment decisions are guided only by your best interest with no conflicting incentives.

Who is Pershing LLC?

Pershing LLC is the custodian for our clients’ investment advisery accounts. Pershing is the industry’s leading provider of clearing services, with $677.2 billion in assets held in custody (as of June 30, 2009) for customers in more than 40 countries and capital ratios that far exceed regulatory requirements.

How do I select a financial adviser?

All of the advisers at MPC Advisers, LLC are experienced professionals. However, because our goal is to form a long-term relationship with our clients, it is important for you to select an adviser with whom you are comfortable. Each of our advisers has a biography available on this website that provides insight into their investment philosophies and will give you a sense of who they are on a personal level. All of our advisers offer complimentary, no-obligation meetings for potential clients.