Services for Your Business

At MPC Advisers, we help successful business owners like you navigate through many financial challenges. MPC Advisers has the expertise, tools and resources to find long-term solutions that can help your business grow and succeed.

Employee Benefit Planning We currently provide group medical, life, disability and pension benefits to hundreds of Southeastern Wisconsin businesses. What really sets us apart is our commitment to “high touch” service to our business owners and their employees. We provide one-on-one enrollment services for our pension and group plans. In addition, we provide group employee seminars to discuss plan benefits and educate employees about financial topics.

Our primary goal is to help business owners achieve the maximum employee goodwill for the benefit dollars spent. This reflects itself in high enrollment percentages and happier employees.
We specialize in:

    • Pension Plans
    • Profit Sharing Plans
    • 401 (k) Plans
    • Executive Carve-Out Plans
    • Group Dental & Vision
    • Group Life & Health
    • Group Disability

Business Planning Services A business owner can invest thousands of hours building a successful business over his or her working lifetime. Without a well conceived and executed plan, the owner will likely lose most of the value from this lifetime of work.

Many business owners are looking for innovative ways of using the resources of the company to provide tax advantaged income and benefits for themselves and their key people. We have many years experience in developing executive compensation plans.

Finally, these plans must dovetail with the owner’s overall estate and investment strategies. Our firm is uniquely qualified to cover these broad concerns.

We specialize in:

    • Business Succession Plans
    • Key Employee Insurance
    • Deferred Compensation
    • Salary Continuation Plans
    • Split Dollar Plans
    • Executive Bonus Plans